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EduBioSkills – Envisions to bring a change

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About Us

We are an Educational Biology Startup called EdubioSkillsTM . We are incubated in Bangalore Bioinnovation Center in Bangalore.

EdubioSkills has been working to bring a change in the way the skillsets in biological sciences are imparted across the academia and industry. We believe that the practice of skills is more important than mere observation of a demonstration of a biotechnological method or technique.

Our focus is on design, development, and as well and marketing and of our innovative products. We believe that our products would support the Educational, R&D and Training organizations to provide better quality training with the higher proficiency among the learners and trainees. We not only focus on hand-on-experience, but we also provide experience and opportunity to get skill sets with accuracy and precision through our products. Our products referred as bioBox TM are created based on a unique combination of Biotechnology, Educational technology, and SAAS based E-learning/ Evaluation modules for higher education and professional training in Academia/Industry focusing on Modern Biological Sciences. The bioBox TM concept includes the following 3 modules in each of our products;

1.   A physical kit with reagents & consumables required to learn, practice & master the necessary skills in the Biotechnology & Diagnostic industry

2. Online Learning platform – content, training videos & peer group interactions, built around the physical Kit.

3. Evaluation & Reporting Modules – To evaluate candidates performance post-training and to create a technical project report to be submitted to the Institute.